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Filfox became a registered Sole Trader in 1992. The name originates from the Christian name Philip, and the man named Thomas Fox who adopted him soon after birth.

Filfox began trading as a designer / manufacturer of golf accessories, after taking up the game and realising there was much lacking in the accessories market with regard to retail and promotional products. Success was no easy ride, but came with the second attempt of a product which earned two major design awards. Number one was from the DTI for Excellence In Innovation, Number Two, came from The London International Inventions Fair for Excellence In Design. The product was a Between Shot’s, Golf Club Cleaner. British Petroleum, Fujitsu, Nissan, Colgate Palmolive, Baxter Health care, British Gypsum and Twinings Tea, were just a hand full of the promotional gift clients. Most municipal clubs in the UK and Ireland sold retail, and private clubs included The Belfry and St Andrews.

Filfox then moved on to bigger issues regarding the environment and the use of landfill. The company Specifically focused on major fruit importers and Supermarkets who were using landfill as the only option to dispose of the plastic corner boards which stabilize fruit pallets such as bananas and pineapples etc whilst in transit.
Filfox designed and manufactured a specific light steel, self load securing stillage which enabled the collection of all corner boards from Tesco stores to be transported safely back to Central America and the Caribbean for re – use.
Filfox introduced Fyffes to Tesco who were looking for ways to reuse instead of landfill, and both companies are proud to be protecting our environment whilst also, increasing profits. Morrisons followed immediately after then Asda, Sainsburys, Natures way, Dole, Mack, Del Monte, Fox & Sons, Prima Fruit, Top Fruit and Banamek now recycle their corner boards. Filfox is proud to now add Compagnie Fruitiere to the prestigious list of companies protecting our environment.

Being involved in transport and shipping for many years, gave Filfox the insight to realise the ever increasing problem of failure to load to full volume capacity
on fridge and taught liner trailers. Even the added upper deck on a double deck trailer fails miserably, and the huge void over the fifth wheel is impossible to load to capacity as the pallet would be unsafe and too high. Filfox has overcome all these problems with the companies Multi Deck Chep & Euro Palletisation System. By utilising the system to full capacity, profits increase overnight and CO2 omissions are cut drastically with less vehicle movement.


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