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Cornerboard Collection

Filfox purchases undamaged plastic corner boards which are loaded as per the loading process.

Filfox collects Plastic Cornerboards from International fruit companies and Major supermarkets.
The corner boards are sorted, then shipped back to plantations in Central America and the Caribbean, for re-use.

Filfox has now taken complete control of the delivery of empty corner board stillages for loading, and the pickup with loaded stillages for removal. This service is completely free.

Filfox has chosen Palletways and Ferryspeed, to bring this new service to ALL post codes throughout the U.K. including Northern Ireland.


How It Works

When a supermarket RSU or fruit importer contacts FilFox, we need to know how many plastic corner boards are passing through each depot per week/month.
Each cornerboard stillage can hold 2,400 corner boards when loaded properly, and must be loaded to full capacity.

Filfox will personally visit each new customer premises throughout the U.K. to demonstrate the method of loading, which causes no discomfort (bending), and adheres to all health and  safety requirements.

All stillages are numbered. Each customer is given a contact phone number to call THREE DAYS before estimated finish of loading stillage. This allows Palletways and Ferryspeed to give an E.T.A. for pick up on the said day, and deliver empty’s for loading.

The Palletways or Ferryspeed driver will check for any stillage damage on numbered unit being collected, and the customer will sign for no damage on numbered stillages being delivered.


Company  A has eight R.S.U.s each loading 2,400 corner boards per week.


Instead of taking these to the land fill sites Fil Fox will collect them and the company will be saving on their land fill gate and tax fees which are estimated to range between £73 to £127 according to which can be viewed by clicking the link.


As you can imagine, transport costs are high. To keep these to a minimum, each new customer will receive up to three stillages on first delivery. These will obviously be replenished every third pick up.


Thank You.

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