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Loading Process

LOGIC: It Takes No Longer To Place A Cornerboard Than To Throw It

1. Recommended Setup.


– Place collection pallet on three wooden pallets
– Ensure straps are removed from inside the collection    pallet (as in fig. 7)
– Place corner board on collection pallet
– Show equal lengths at either side for level stacking
– Pallet must be placed against a flat upright object (i.e. wall) to ensure a tidy safe load
– This also alleviates bending and back ache whilst loading

2. Corner boards are spooned horizontally or vertically


3. When the pallet is half filled take away the three wooden pallets beneath


4. This ensures that at no time is the loader uncomfortable by bending as the picture shows


5. Correct setup


6. Job safely completed


7. Straps are removed from the collection pallet


8. Securing strap in place


Please Note:

– Corner boards must not have nails evident
– Broken corner boards must not be loaded
– Pallet must be loaded to full capacity to the cross members

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