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Chep Multi Deck

Chep Double Deck Mini – 84 Kgs
Unit Dimensions – 1190mm x 1200mm

Adjustable decks lift off for high Chep pallet back load. House loose decks on top of pallet load

22 Chep Double deck units will fit on a normal 26 pallet vehicle giving a total tare weight of 1,848 kg and 44 pallets.


Chep Triple Deck – 114 Kgs
Unit Dimensions – 1190mm x 1200mm


Chep Deck Weight – 10 Kgs 

Hardened Rubber Encased in Stainless Steel for Grip 

8 Sets of Gripping Teeth Per Deck Prevent Pallet Movement 

Stainless Steel wire, R clip, ring and lock pin to safely secure the deck in place.

Any unit can be personalised (i.e. leg height and under deck requirements for forklifts or stand on bagnall) at no extra cost

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